Hi. I'm Suzy Vance.

Let me help you simplify your life...by choosing wisely!

What Else Is Possible?

Are you looking for a fun time for you or someone you care about? An experience exploring something different? An adventure with a group of friends? Or a unique team-building activity?

Step away from your routine!

No Regrets means time out...time out from regular...time out from routine...with no guilt!

Create a No Regrets Getaway!

Whether it includes nature, a variety of arts, writing, creativity in the kitchen, an opportunity to nurture your own creativity with me or someone else, or a variety of activities to support team-building and collaboration for an organization...let's create a No Regrets Getaway that works for you. 

What inspires each of us is personal...individual. Some of us spark our creativity in calm, quiet, gentle ways. Some thrive on adventure. No Regrets Getaways are tailor-made for participants...whether individually, in a group, or part of a team.

Circles of Possiblity

Give yourself a little treat…just a few hours out of  your routine. Come to one of my Circles of Possibility…! promise you a fun time…and more awareness of the joy in your life. How does it get any better than that?!

On The Rise!

Experience a memorable hands-on getaway as Suzy guides you through the breadmaking journey, exploring every step in the process, from the flour you choose to the finishing coat of butter.

Memoir in 17 Syllables

Have you ever had an experience so marvelous that you wanted to capture it?

A trip filled with adventure…a sweet moment with family or friends…an insight that shifted your life? Don’t let those gems slip away! Capture them in a book with images and Haiku Snapshots.

Life Mask Experience

Really see yourself...and others. Working in pairs, you'll create a plaster mask of your face and then, using paint and other materials, decorate it as a way to express the creative "you" that lives behind the mask.

Forest Bathing

See what it means to immerse yourself in the journey. Experience the restorative energy of nature when you slow down to bathe yourself in the natural environment, and learn how it can contribute to our lives in all seasons.

Dunes Retreat Labyrinth

Nestled in the wooded dunes of the southern shore of Lake Michigan, discover the Dunes Retreat Labyrinth and take a step away from your routine as you journey through this walking meditation experience.

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A Journey of Your Choosing

Looking for something unique and personal? We'll work together to build an experience that you and your loved ones will remember always.

What People Say

"An amazing way to build trust in myself!"

"Great!  Very peaceful, relaxing.  Offered an opportunity to get in touch with my inner self.  Unique experience.” 


-- Retreat participant

"A delightful time with just me and my close friends...a memory that will not be forgotten."

"As you promised, my freedom words haiku has stayed with me....it has driven me in some new and exciting directions. I continue to be filled with gratitude for the time we spent with you,for all of your energy and welcome and dear presence."

"Brought two groups together in a way that I thought couldn't be accomplished in a year!"

"Better than a day at the spa!"

"Enjoyed very much. One of the highlights of the two weeks of training."

-- Participant in day-long workshop

"Enjoyed the company of my work comrades in an entertaining and en-lightenting experience!"

-- Participant in workshop for Midwestern union

"Everyone was willing to participate and everyone respected each other...a good start in the right direction."

-- Participant in "Men and Women in the Workplace" workshop for department of 300+ people at mid-western teaching hospital

About Suzy

I'm a retired lawyer and current life coach, fiber artist, and "no regrets" coordinator in Beverly Shores, Indiana, living my best life and giving others the tools to do the same.

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With gratitude to Christopher Casson Photography and Digital Fidelity Films for their talented photography and video production work on this project.

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