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See how I have helped people just like you in my capacity as a career advisor, in situations just like yours, understand and appreciate their strengths and grow to take positive steps forward in their lives and careers.

Transition for a Young Lawyer

Trigger A young lawyer worked her way up through the ranks to partner in her law firm. Having made partner, she was struggling to be recognized for her fine-honed and successful litigation skills. Her superior was finding fault with her despite significant and stunning accomplishments int he court room.

My Role Working with her, the client came to appreciate two purportedly competing interests in her life: her “bully” and her “compassionate heart.” Only the bully expressed itself in her professional work. She reserved her softer side for her personal life.

Results She grew to value her “bully” and her “compassionate heart” in BOTH her personal and professional life. Today, as a head-hunter for lawyers, she uses both her aggressive and softer sides to achieve significant, lasting, and satisfying results for both her clients and herself.

Client Comments “I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I’m not sure where I’d be without you. You clearly came into my life at just the right time for a specific reason. Thank you!”

Taking Ownership of a Small Family Business

Trigger A father sold his interest in a small family business to his son, his daughter, and her husband. The son became President of the company. Shortly thereafter he realized his father’s persistent and continued presence was negatively impacting productivity in the workplace.

My Role With my assistance he developed and implemented a plan transitioning out the physical presence of the father and eventually ending the stock ownership of the sister and brother-in-law. The son assumed full, legitimate, and successful leadership of the company.

Results The workforce responded to new management with growing enthusiasm and accountability. Today the son is appreciated for and comfortable in his management role. The business is prospering. Family relationships between the son, father, and sister have mended and are thriving.

Client Comments “These shifts and changes, packed with emotions, were accomplished much more easily and effectively with Suzy’s guidance…She is a genius when it comes to people.”

Strategic Positioning of an Environmental Professional

Trigger A self-made professional in the environmental industry wanted to move ahead. With 30 years in the field, he had a “checkerboard” career. He was self-taught with no college education, and he was concerned about how to best present himself.

My Role We identified and articulated his core strengths and skills, evident in the work he had done. Over time, he came to understand, and appreciate the value of his skills. He used them, along with an effective resume and letter of introduction, to create positive opportunities and interviews.

Results He landed a number of interviews and with coaching through them, ultimately found his dream job. Today he is a high-level, highly-valued,  well-paid executive in one of the top companies in the field.

Client Comments “I am convinced your ability to work with me and help me condense my thirty years of experience and accomplishments into a powerful presentation, was the center point of my successful job search. Thank you!”

Self Development of a Professional Woman

Trigger A middle-aged woman was overwhelmed and unable to accomplish her “normal” workload.

My Role We worked together helping her recognize, know, and be aware of the conflicting tensions sabotaging her personal and professional life.

Results She increasingly became able to trust herself. Today she is comfortable with her own natural rhythms. She has learned to make small incremental adjustments having significant and increasingly positive impacts on her work each day. She has become more productive than she imagined she could be.

Client Comments “You are a passionate and caring guide who gently encouraged me and provided me with  a framework for identifying various facets of who I am. The process sometimes was painful, definitely extraordinarily powerful, and ultimately has taken me to a place of peaceful serenity. You and this process launched me on a journey of self-discovery and transformation that will impact my well-being and work forever.”

Multi-National Career Development

Trigger Client was frustrated after being “passed over” for promotions.

My Role We worked together, asking questions, gaining clarity, increasing client awareness, and fine-tuning approaches to facilitate increased interest in client by superiors.

Results Client become more impactful in the eyes of superiors who then included client in more challenging opportunities. This positioned the client for the desired possibilities.

Client Comments “During the last few years you have assisted me several transitions. We spent considerable time delving into my career and accomplishments. Today I started to work for the largest company in the industry i have been in for 30 years at twice the salary (well into six figures) I earned last year. I am so grateful to you for your support!”

Banking Career Development

Trigger Client was demoralized following a “less than favorable” review.

My Role We worked together on several occasions seeking to shift the perceptions of the client’s work at strategic opportunities.

Results Following three sessions, client identified areas of discomfort at work and realized it no longer was a “fit.” Client then repositioned by exploring other opportunities in the industry that had more of what was desired.

Client Comments “It has been a journey I thought would never end! As an employee of [one of the three largest banks in the world] I want to thank you for your support and encouragement. It helped me more than you will ever know.”

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