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Coaching Areas

Relationships between people and a person's relationship with themselves, are my business. The areas in which I have provided coaching vary widely...from people with up-close-and-personal family concerns to conflict in the business world and as a career coach. Some of these situations even have required a "translator" (that would be me) to guide clients as they manage their interaction with a lawyer representing them, in addition to guiding them through their own process. What follows are "tastes" of a variety of circumstances.

At Home

  • Going through a divorce?

  • Wondering what you will do with your “empty nest?”

  • Finding your children increasingly challenging?

  • Wondering how to cope in light of a family secret?

  • Wondering how to cope in with your parents’ increasing dependence?

  • Wondering how to work with siblings involved in a family concern?

At Work with Others - Employee

  • Wondering how to approach your boss with a request?

  • Wondering how to talk with your eboss about a concern you have with your work environment?

  • Challenged in a working relationship with a colleague?

  • Looking for an opportunity to move ahead, change jobs, scale back your work?

  • Bored and looking for a change in your work ?

  • Wondering when to take a risk and go out on your own?

At Work with Others - Employer

  • Wondering how to work effectively with employees?

  • Wondering how to talk with your employee about his/her work performance or other concern?

  • Faced with downsizing or hiring in your business?

  • Contracting or shifting at your business,requiring termination of employees?

  • Expanding your business so fast your employees are not adjusting and meeting expectations?

  • Providing effective outplacement services to employees who are leaving your business?

At Work in a Sole Proprietorship

  • Starting your own business…alone…with others?

  • Wondering how to identify new audiences,  create new ways of reaching potential clients, fine tune a “pitch” about your business?

  • Wondering how to maintain family ties in light of difficulties in a family business?

  • Contracting or shifting your business, requiring termination of employees?

  • Concerned about a transition and/or succession in a family business?

At Work in a Non-Profit Organization

  • Wondering how to grow your organization?

  • Wondering how to increase donations to your organization?

  • Wondering how to nurture your relationship with donors?

  • Wondering how to identify potential contributor?

  • Wondering how to accomplish a transition and/or succession in your organization?

  • Wondering how to staff a “lean” organization?

Lotus Flower

Individual Client Experiences

See real-world examples of my experience helping  individual clients tackle personal and professional obstacles.

Path to Beach

Corporate Client Experiences

Is your organization facing a difficult transition? Learn how I have helped organizations like yours navigate these situations skillfully .

Take the First Step

Learn more about how life coaching experiences with me can help you break free and live your best life.

About Suzy

I'm a retired lawyer and current life coach, fiber artist, and "no regrets" coordinator in Beverly Shores, Indiana, living my best life and giving others the tools to do the same.

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