No Regrets


Take time out from your routine with a "No Regrets" getaway. Learn more about our most popular getaways here, or work with me to design something special...just for you.

Circles of Possibility 

Give yourself a little treat…just a few hours out of  your routine. Come to one of my Circles of Possibility…! promise you a fun time…and more awareness of the joy in your life. How does it get any better than that?

On The Rise!

Experience a memorable hands-on getaway as Suzy guides you through the breakmaking journey.

Memoir in 17 Syllables

Memorialize your experiences and cherished memories with a haiku, a centuries-old art form.

Life Mask Experience

See and express the creative "you" with a plaster mask of your face, decorated with paints and other materials.

Forest Bathing

Experience the restorative energy of nature when you slow down to immerse yourself in the natural environment.

Dunes Retreat


Step away from your routine with this meditative walking experience.

A Journey of Your Choosing

Looking for something unique and personal? We'll work together to build an experience that you and your loved ones will remember always.

About Suzy

I'm a retired lawyer and current life coach, fiber artist, and "no regrets" coordinator in Beverly Shores, Indiana, living my best life and giving others the tools to do the same.

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With gratitude to Christopher Casson Photography and Digital Fidelity Films for their talented photography and video production work on this project.

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