Memoir in 17 Syllables

Capturing and Preserving...

Have you ever had an experience so marvelous that you wanted to capture it?


A trip filled with adventure…a sweet moment with family or friends…an insight that shifted your life?


Haiku Snapshots are a fun and easy way to bring your moments and memories to life. 


Don’t let those gems slip away!



  • Marriages, births, memorials, reunions, special journeys, times with friends and family, accomplishments following a collective effort…

  • Enriching a memory for the future when a loved-one's memory may fade…


With just a few key words...some precious pictures taken yesterday...a while your youth, capturing and preserving memories is possible...with a richness that never fades.

And...if you've been thinking of writing a memoir, this is a great way to begin!

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Journey Together

As you begin to create, we'll venture together through your memories to create a memoir book that captures both your most treasured photographs and the haikus that capture those moments in time.

Contact me to schedule a group session or a personal experience all your own.

Design Your Own

If you want to create a unique journey through your memories, let me know! I welcome the opportunity to build a truly special experience for you.

About Suzy

I'm a retired lawyer and current life coach, fiber artist, and "no regrets" coordinator in Beverly Shores, Indiana, living my best life and giving others the tools to do the same.

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With gratitude to Christopher Casson Photography and Digital Fidelity Films for their talented photography and video production work on this project.

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